At Active Edge Physio we understand the importance of keeping all of our patients, families and staff safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority is to continue to provide the high quality of therapy service to keep you all at your best function during what is an unprecedented time in our lives. Neurological Physiotherapy is deemed an essential service. We acknowledge that people living with neurological conditions may be particularly vulnerable and your safety is our utmost priority. We adhere to all government and department of health advice and infection control procedures and are happy to discuss our COVID-19 policy with you at any time. In order to keep our community safe we have initiated the following infection control measures:
  1. All staff who show any flu-like symptoms or are considered close contacts are being told to isolate, be tested for COVID-19 and to take leave until all symptoms have cleared and a negative test result has come back
  2. We are screening our clients and their primary caregivers with whom our staff may come in contact for any flu-like symptoms, recent close contact exposure or testing for COVID-19 and will reschedule appointments to a suitable time if any risk presents itself
  3. High levels of PPE for all staff e.g. N95 masks, goggles and face shields
  4. Staff have also been provided with hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, spare rapid antigen tests and surgical masks if you do not have your own
Helpful resources:
  1. Find a Rapid Antigen Test website – a live map showing where you can find a rapid antigen test, and what the stock levels are like in each particular store in your area; and
  2. Disability Gateway Website – provides information and services for people with disabilities and their support network regarding COVID.
We are keen to continue to support all of our clients in maintaining optimal health and function during this period of uncertainty. We have been successfully using Telehealth since the start of 2020 – the use of video-conferencing technology to be able to deliver remote therapy services to clients. This does require access to technology and in many instances a caregiver present to facilitate therapy sessions. For those who are isolating or are unwell, we invite you to call us to discuss the option of Telehealth.
For further information phone us on (03) 8609 1019.
Date of last update: 21/4/2022