About Us

About Us

Meet our team of specialised mobile physios in Melbourne.  They have extensive experience neuro-respiratory disorders and love helping our clients achieve their goals.

Our clinicians

Jacqui Agostinello

Founder and Director, Senior Clinician Physiotherapist

Jacqui is the founder and director of Active Edge Physio Melbourne. She is a neurotrauma specialist and also works as a senior clinician for the Victorian Spinal Cord Service at Austin Health.

Jacqui is passionate about helping people with neuromuscular disorders improve their respiratory health. She has spent her career getting people with complex neuro-respiratory conditions off ventilation, off oxygen and out of hospital. Jacqui loves going the extra mile to discover new ways to improve and maintain lung capacity in this complex and diverse client group. As one of the most loved Melbourne mobile physios specialising in neurotrauma, she loves seeing her clients stay out of hospital, stabilised with less chest infections and getting back to living a life they love.

Jacqui is so invested in minimising respiratory dysfunction occurring in people with neuromuscular disorders. She has conducted clinical research over the years to both learn more herself, but also to expand the knowledge and skills for those working with clients that are struggling with these problems. If you’d like some light bedtime reading, you can check out some of the papers she has written.


Adriana Warren

Practice Manager

Adriana is our remarkable practice manager at Active Edge Physio. She is passionate about working in a team with a strong client centred philosophy.
Adriana has worked in medical and ancillary health management for many years and has always loved being able to work behind the scenes to find solutions for clients, getting to know them and their individual needs.

Amie Musovic

Senior Clinician Physiotherapist

Amie loves making a difference in people’s lives and helping them achieve their goals. She enjoys personalising her approach to meet each person’s unique physio needs.
Working with people in their own home enables Amie to see what challenges present in that environment, then find the best ways she can use physio to help people overcome them. Seeing people make progress on their health journey by applying techniques Amie has shown them is her favourite part of her role. In her free time, Amie loves spending time outdoors with her husband, two boys, and two dogs, watching the Geelong Cats play football, and exploring the Victorian high country.
Meera Patel staff photo

Meera Patel

Senior Clinician Physiotherapist

Meera is fascinated by the brain and all the interesting, beautiful components of physio that can influence this incredible organ. Her passion lies in gaining insight into an individuals’ life, and how working with them through physio enables them to relearn and rediscover their perspective of the world. Meera’s favourite aspect of her work is helping people achieve their goals in a meaningful environment.
When she’s not practicing physio, Meera’s favourite ways to relax include hiking, travelling whenever she can, and spending time with her friends by the ocean.

Amelia Wong

Senior Physiotherapist

Amelia’s passionate lies in working with people who have neurological disorders, as they have great potential to improve and achieve their goals. Home-based therapy brings the opportunity to be creative in personalising treatment, working on meaningful goals to help participants return into community living. Amelia enjoys working collaboratively with participants, their family and multi-disciplinary team to promote independence and optimise their quality of life. Her expertise includes neurological rehabilitation and respiratory physiotherapy, helping people overcome respiratory illnesses.
Away from work, she loves spending time with her nieces and nephews, exploring nature in Australia and overseas and sampling new foods.

Tessa Decker

Senior Physiotherapist

Tessa has always had an affinity for neurological physiotherapy and is fascinated by the way the brain works to interact and control the rest of the body. She also works as a neurological physiotherapist at Caulfield Hospital at Alfred Health.
Tessa specialises in managing conditions such as brain injury and stroke. She is passionate about working with clients of all functional levels to empower them to regain ownership and control of their body after neurological injuries. Tessa loves that no two clients are the same and she learns something new from every client she meets. She particularly enjoys working with clients to establish what’s important to them and help achieve these goals – big or small.