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Online Physio Consultation

If you live out of our serviced area or prefer to remain physically distanced in the climate of COVID-19, you may be interested in having an online physio consultation.  This service is available for both new patients and existing patients.  Just because you can’t see us face to face doesn’t mean that your treatment has to stop.

Online physiotherapy can be just as effective as it is when delivered in person as you can receive honest reliable advice from a highly experienced physiotherapist in the comfort of your home.

What To Expect For My Online Physio Consultation?

The online physiotherapy consultation process is almost the same as if we were to visit you at home. We will conduct an in-depth assessment by asking you a series of questions to give us a thorough idea of what could be causing your problem. Once we have performed our assessment, we will discuss our findings with you and advise the best way forward to ease your symptoms.

You still receive all the benefits, just delivered online instead.

What If I'm An Existing Patient?

If we can’t see you face to face, online consultations are a great way to ensure your rehabilitation remains on track.  During our sessions, we can review your current exercise program and make any necessary adjustments.

Ready To Talk To A Physiotherapist?

If you are interested in an online physio consultation, please click the ‘refer to us’ button below.