Services | Wheelchair / Seating

Wheelchairs and Seating

At Active Edge Physio Melbourne we can help navigate the many different wheelchair options, simplifying the process and narrowing down what is best for your needs. We are skilled in prescribing and modifying manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, cushions, back supports and seating systems. We are also able to assist with report writing to obtain funding for your equipment. At home and online consults are available, which include:

  • Full assessment of your posture and functional ability
  • Equipment trials
  • Application for funding
  • Review of equipment once it arrives to ensure it meets your needs and expectations
    If you currently have a pressure injury or are recovering from a pressure injury, our skilled physiotherapists can work with you to:
  • Identify the cause
  • Work alongside your primary care team to guide when it is safe to begin sitting up or out of bed
  • Optimise your posture
  • Prescribe appropriate equipment
  • Risk minimisation strategies