Frequently asked questions

1.     What is neurological physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy is the practice of physical therapy that helps people recover movement after injury to the brain, spinal cord, vestibular and other nerve related injuries or diseases.

Neurological physiotherapists are specifically trained to assess impairments such as motor control, strength, sensation, proprioception, vision, coordination, spatial awareness, inattention and balance. We can then easily able pinpoint the reasons behind your problems and tailor a program that specifically targets your impairments. What does this mean? A faster, more efficient recovery of normal movement patterns.

2.     What makes you different from other physiotherapists?

Active Edge Physio Melbourne is an exclusively home based physiotherapy service, which means that we make it our priority to get the most out of your therapy. We value respect, compassion and connection with our clients.

We are one of the few private practices in Melbourne with physiotherapists who have masters qualification and have published research in the neurological domain. This demonstrates our expert level of experience, and means our clients can trust us our competence in managing their condition.

3.     Do I need a referral?

Neurological physiotherapists are primary practitioners so you do not need a referral to see us.

4.     What locations does Active Edge Physio Melbourne service?

Melbourne Locations

5.     How long are the appointments?

Appointment durations vary depending on your individual needs. In saying this, an initial consultation is generally between 60-75 minutes long, and a follow up appointment is generally between 45-60 minutes long.

6.      What can I expect on my first home visit? 

What to expect 

7.      Are there extra fees for travel? 

Active Edge Physio invoice travel to appointments in a client’s home or within the community, and from the last client of the day in 5 minute increments at our standard hourly rate. Where a therapist travels to provide services to more than one client in the same geographical area, the therapist will apportion travel time between clients equally.

Travel charges can vary week to week as it depends on where a therapist’s previous client is, how many clients are booked, whether there are cancellations, and a number of other factors. Our team prioritises scheduling appointments to minimise travel costs. For further clarification, please contact us on (03) 8609 1019.

8.      Do you have a clinic?

We provide home and community based therapy only. We come to you, where we can work with you in a familiar, comfortable setting on a regular basis to start managing or relieving your symptoms. We can show you how to do any exercises in your own setting and can save you, or your family the discomfort of needing to travel to reach us. Being in your own environment can make the world of difference for your recovery and general wellbeing. We can also arrange hydrotherapy or gym-based sessions, or plan around your interests and hobbies – planning physiotherapy around tennis or lawn bowls for example.

9.      Can I choose my therapist? Will I be seen by a woman or a man?

We allocate our therapists to patients based on location and whether the therapist has space in their caseload to adequately meet your needs. Our team is comprised of senior, experienced physiotherapists only, and you can be assured that you will receive an exception level of care from any of our team. If you have specific requests, please call our team to discuss on (03) 8609 1019.

10.      What are your fees?

If you have an NDIS plan, we bill according to the NDIS Pricing Guide. For more information you can see NDIS Physiotherapy

For other funding body or privately funded enquiries, you can contact us on (03) 8609 1019 or email reception@active-edge-physio.com.au for a copy of our fee schedule.