Mobile Physio Services

Using our extensive knowledge of neuro-respiratory disorders and the most up-to-date research, we can provide you with world class physio at home.

Neurological Physio At Home

As mobile neurological physiotherapists, we are highly skilled in providing therapy that targets the recovery of movement after injury to the brain, spinal cord and vestibular systems. We are movement specialists who focus on promoting the rerouting of damaged nerve pathways to enable effective carriage of messages between the brain and the body, to optimise your functional capabilities.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

As mobile respiratory physiotherapists, we are passionate about helping our clients with physio at home to improve their lung health. Pneumonia and respiratory insufficiency are common in people with neuromuscular disorders, who often find it difficult to take a deep breath and cough effectively.

Wheelchairs and Seating

We can help navigate the many different wheelchair options, simplifying the process and narrowing down what is best for your needs. We are skilled in prescribing and modifying manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, cushions, back supports and seating systems. We are also able to assist with report writing to obtain funding for your equipment.

Online Consult

If you live out of our serviced area or prefer to remain physically distanced in the climate of COVID-19, you may be interested in having an online physio consultation. Online physiotherapy can be just as effective as it is when delivered in person.