–   JANUARY 2022   –

Guide to setting meaningful goals


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions or set any new goals for the year ahead? We’re mid-way into January and this can be the point where it starts getting much harder to keep going with new habits, as the novelty wears off. If you’ve felt like giving up or unsure how long you can sustain new changes, the answer lies in having goals that really mean something to you.

So how do you go about setting goals that you’ll still be able to consistently implement several months from now? These are the five key ingredients for goal setting success:


1   Make your goals meaningful

This is your ‘why?’ behind the goal, where you get really clear on why you want to achieve it. Arguably, this is the most important step, as it will serve as the driving force for you persevering, should you ever get despondent or feel like giving up. What will it mean to you (and perhaps loved ones too) when you achieve this goal? How will it improve your life? How will it make you feel? You need a goal you feel excited about.


2   Keep it simple

Goals need to be realistic but not safe; a worthwhile goal will push you out of your comfort zone and require you to grow. Don’t overcomplicate things with a huge goal that seems impossible to achieve. Instead, break it down into manageable smaller goals and focus on one step at a time.


3   Stay accountable

Sharing your goal with a friend, relative or trusted colleague will make all the difference to your ability to remain consistent. When a hiccup arises – an inevitable eventuality – keep going and remember this flower analogy. If someone gave you a bunch of roses and one of the flowers started wilting, would you throw the entire bunch of flowers away? Of course not! Similarly, if you have one day where you get off track, that doesn’t mean all your efforts are wasted. Simply strike that day off and start again the following day. It helps to find an element of your goal that you can clearly measure. Think about how you are going to track your progress so you can hold yourself accountable.


4   Ask for help

When you’re undertaking something new that doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t do it alone. There’s no point wasting time procrastinating because you’re not sure how to tackle your goal. Instead, seek guidance and support from the outset from people who are professionals, such as a personal trainer, a physiotherapist, or a nutritionist for new health goals. This will be worth the financial investment, as you will be more likely to reach your goal sooner and you will have the reassurance of knowing you are taking the best approach possible.


5   Celebrate along the way

Celebrating your progress along the way is integral to future success. When you set your goals, also map out what progress milestones you’ll celebrate that will lead to you reaching your goal fully. This will serve as further motivation to keep going, knowing the next reward is coming up. Choose rewards that reinforce your goal progress, rather than rewards that are counter-intuitive. For example, if you’ve been focusing on improving your food choices and wanting to exercise more, rewarding yourself with cake for consistently hitting your daily steps goal for a week doesn’t align with that goal. Choose something that is kind and loving for your body instead, such as pampering your feet or taking an extra-long luxurious bath. Bigger milestones could be rewarded with buying new workout clothes.


We wish you every success with the goals you choose to work on. The people in your care deserve the right support to help them succeed too. For their physiotherapy needs, please book a free 15-minute consultation with our team here at Active Edge Physio. Alternatively, complete the referral form online and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours (on week days) to explore the best way forward.