–   APRIL 2022   –

Have you recently been diagnosed with Central Cord Syndrome (CCS)?


If you are currently in patient rehab following a fall and you’ve been diagnosed with Central Cord Syndrome (CCS), we are here to help. Although your focus will naturally be on your spine and restoring mobility as much as possible, it’s so important to share any symptoms impacting your body – even if it seems unrelated. Doing so could give crucial insights into what needs to be the focus for your physio goals.

At Active Edge Physio, we always treat the body holistically, where we are mindful that everything is intricately linked. We don’t just focus on one area of the body; we ensure we are considering how different systems impact one another. This being the case, when we work with you for your rehab at home, we will ask questions that might seem puzzling, as they will appear unrelated to your CCS. 

Here’s a few examples of question topics we cover and the reasons why:


  Questions about your skin

If your spinal cord injury has caused quadriplegia, the loss of feeling at the top of your legs means you won’t be able to feel if your circulation is getting cut off during long periods of sitting down. Pressure injuries can result from not moving enough, leading to wounds on your skin. Our physiotherapists will ask you about your skin for this reason.

  Questions about your bladder and bowel 

It might seem strange for us to ask you about your bowel movements and bladder control but this is so we can determine if you need medical intervention to make it much easier for you to open your bowels or urinate. We appreciate this can be something a lot of people don’t like to talk to about. Please rest assured that we discuss bodily functions everyday with our clients, so there’s no need for any embarrassment and it’s very common for people with CCS to need help in this area.

  Questions about your wheelchair

If you are using an electric wheelchair, you will have been taught how to drive it while you were in hospital. However, the way it was programmed to use there might need adjustments for optimal settings in your home environment. We’ll make sure your chair isn’t accelerating too fast or causing any hazards.

  Questions about your breathing

All of the muscles that are needed for you to be able to breathe properly are linked to your arms. Having weakness in your arms can impact your breathing. If you’re a smoker, have asthma, or you have a lung disease, these are things we need to know to ensure we’re making it as easy as possible for you to breathe.


If you need spinal cord rehab physiotherapy in Melbourne, please book a free 15-minute consultation with our team here at Active Edge Physio so that we can advise on the best ways to help you. Alternatively, complete the referral form online and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours (on week days) to explore the best way forward.