–   AUGUST 2021   –

The 4 things to remember post-lockdown

Lockdown is over and we expected to feel excited and relieved. That might have been the case for you but if you’ve also had other emotions cropping up that you hadn’t expected. None of us knew the full extent of what it would feel like to have our freedom back until now, and it’s important to give ourselves, and one another, extra care and understanding.

Here’s 4 top tips for adapting to life after lockdown


  1. Everyone has a different level of comfort being around others and your level of reintegrating might be very different from your family members, friends and colleagues. On that sliding scale, it’s ok to say no to anything that doesn’t feel right for you, even if co-workers don’t feel the same way. You can’t help others in the way you want to if you’re not first meeting your personal wellbeing needs.

  2. Anyone you work with is probably going to need more time to get things done and this means expectations need to be lowered. Please be lenient with yourself if you are finding daily tasks harder than you used to. We are not the same version of ourselves that were before we went into lockdown and all of us need time to adjust.

  3. All of us are trying to return to the normal routines we had before lockdown but our minds and bodies are not going to instantly snap out of lockdown mode and it could still take a few more weeks yet (possibly even months) to start feeling settled back in a more ‘normal’ way of life. If this is your experience, there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not failing at anything. Not feeling like you’re back to normal yet is normal.

  4. Please give yourself the same level of compassion that you so readily give others. You matter too!


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