–   MAY 2021   –

The 5 ways Active Edge offers more than multi-disciplinary organisations

Support coordinators understandably want to find the best solution for the people in their care. On the outset, it might appear that selecting a multi-disciplinary clinic, where several services are offered under one roof, will save time and money.

Did you know that Active Edge Physio offers a multi-disciplinary service with a difference? 

Here’s 5 reasons why choosing Active Edge Physio will bring better value than traditional multi-disciplinary services can:

  1. Within our own team, our staff have cross-disciplinary skills so that we can deliver some of the occupational therapy services complementing physiotherapy. Rather than having to hire two separate clinicians, in many cases we can cover both disciplines.

  2. We work closely with specialists in speech pathology, exercise physiology and occupational health so that we can also offer a multi-disciplinary service. What sets us apart is that our partners are sole practitioners in their respective fields of expertise, so when we work together with the same participant, we are combining a wealth of experience and can deliver the highest standard of healthcare. In contrast, typically multi-disciplinary organisations housed in the same building are often comprised of a team of several junior staff with just a few senior specialists.

  3. The trust and rapport we have with our partnering Allied Health professionals means we all understand the importance of effective communication. We go above and beyond to seamlessly coordinate multiple services and do this between us so that support coordinators do not need to micromanage several different disciplines.

  4. We set goals in partnership with all the required clinicians and hold team meetings either via zoom or together on site, out in the community. This means we are observing participants in their everyday life in their own home environments, where we get a full picture of how our care plan works practically day to day. Bringing participants into a clinic is an artificial environment that can not give the full picture on their true progress and challenges.

  5. Our proactive approach means support coordinators and participants are not kept waiting. For example, in a situation where an occupational therapist would be called and is unavailable, we can send in one of our cross-discipline physiotherapists instead. In such circumstances, a support coordinator doesn’t need to be intervening trying to source alternative OTs and the participant isn’t kept waiting for help; it’s all taken care of without interruption to care.

We encourage support coordinators to think laterally about making referrals. Now that you know we are a truly multi-disciplinary organisation with a difference, we look forward to supporting you with a range of needs beyond physiotherapy.


Please book a free 15-minute consultation with our team here at Active Edge Physio. Alternatively, complete the referral form online and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours (on week days) to explore the best way forward.