–   MAY 2022   –

Why is it important to engage with a physio early on when you have MS?


If you’ve recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), you might think that there’s no need to connect with a physiotherapist until you have more severe symptoms further down the road. However, the reality is that sooner you seek physio support, the better it is for your body.

It is never too early to come to physio. By meeting with a physio as soon as you can after being diagnosed, we can help you (at any age) find the best way forward. Having a consultation with you in that early stage means that we will get to know your body’s physical capability and have that frame of reference to work from as a baseline. Then over time, as your condition progresses, we will be able to notice very subtle changes in your body and give you the highest level of support to protect and prolong your independence. 

We recommend you taking the following approach:

  1. Receive your diagnosis.

  2. Submit your NDIS funding application request to access services to support your wellbeing. For example, organising having a cleaner, gardener, physiotherapist.

  3. Arrange a consultation with Active Edge Physio and we can start helping you. 

  4. After your first 12 months receiving NDIS funding, we can then help you in your future NDIS applications and advocate for the maximum level of funding. 

Exercising when you have MS will help your body, but only if you’re working with a specialised physio, who is staying up to date with the very latest research and developments in MS treatment. Rest assured that our team are highly specialised in this area and we’ll work in partnership with you to adapt your physio programme, based on your symptoms, how you feel, what you need, and how long it has been since you last had an infusion for your medications. 

Our aim is always to help you stabilise your condition over the monthly cycle between infusions, so that you have some physical strength in reserve for the days that are hardest. Non-specialised physios do not take all of these aspects into consideration or have the full understanding that over the course of a month, your energy levels and physical capability will fluctuate, depending on where you are in your infusion cycle.


If you need MS physiotherapy in Melbourne, please book a free 15-minute consultation with our team here at Active Edge Physio so that we can advise on the best ways to help you. Alternatively, complete the referral form online and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours (on week days) to explore the best way forward.