–   MARCH 2023   –

5 ways to enhance your recovery after an acquired brain injury (ABI)


Recovery from an ABI doesn’t suddenly stop after two years. It can in fact incrementally improve long-term. So how can you maximise your physical and mental capabilities?

  1. Set meaningful priorities and goals that will motivate you.

  2. Pace yourself between taking on new challenges and accepting support. It might help you to consider peer support to uplift and inspire you to stay motivated.

  3. Remember that recovery is not linear. Know that it’s normal to have good days and less-good days.

  4. Be accountable for your own recovery. Health professionals are there to empower you but ultimately, you are the one doing the work to improve your physical and mental capabilities, to the best of your ability.

  5. Keep a diary or visual log of the progress you are making to honour your milestones, and any specific activities that are meaningful to you.

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