–   JULY 2022   –

How can you prevent falls in wet weather?


As the weather conditions deteriorate, more frequent rainy days increase the risk of you having a fall when walking on slippery outdoor surfaces. Added to that, with it being flu season, should you become ill, the fatigue flu brings can impact your sense of balance, which can also increase the risk of falling over. Should a bad fall occur, needing to be admitted to hospital at a time where COVID cases are common and hospital beds have limited availability, puts you at even further risk.

While we can’t do anything about the weather, there are several things you can do to prevent accidents (to the best of your ability) when walking outside. 

Here’s our checklist of things you can do and need to check on: 

Hold onto hand rails when you’re on travelators or going up and down staircases.

Be aware of any changes in your typical sense of balance.

Take extra care in the shower if you are feeling fatigued or have the flu, as you might be more likely to slip.

Use walking aids, if you have them, to give you extra stability.

Be mindful about how and where you’re walking and your choice of footwear.

Check the tread on your wheelchair hasn’t worn down and can still grip the ground. Your support coordinator needs to ensure that your wheelchair has been fully serviced every 12 months, checking the brakes and wheels for safety.

Request additional support if you need it. It might be the case that if your balance has been impacted, you perhaps need an additional carer to help you enter and exit a maxi taxi.

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