–   JUNE 2021   –

Solutions for chronic respiratory issues in neuro conditionsThere’s hope! Solutions for chronic respiratory issues in neuro conditions


For anyone with a neurological condition, who has also experienced repeated respiratory issues such as chest infections, we need to talk. The endless cycles of antibiotics can, at best, improve symptoms but only for them to worsen again, once the course of tablets is complete. Does this sound familiar?

So why is this happening? In many cases, taking antibiotics treats the symptoms but not the underlying cause. To uncover the underlying cause, we need to look at your whole health story and all the intricacies throughout your entire body, given that inside your body, everything is interconnected. When we do that, the link between your neurological condition and your lungs becomes clear.

Neuro conditions do not selectively impact only the arms and legs. It can also lead to muscle weakness around the lungs. Another thing that can happen is if sensation has been lost in the throat, sometimes saliva can trickle down into the lungs. In someone who has full sensation in this area, the natural reflex is to swallow so it goes into the stomach instead. When this doesn’t happen, a build up of secretions in the lungs will lead to infection.

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