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Talking about Traumatic Brain Injuries

–   JANUARY 2021   –



A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an often unexpected, yet devastating event for a person and their family. Known as an injury to the brain by an external force, common causes include motor accidents, falls, being struck by an object or assault. Alongside being a major cause of lifelong disability, TBI’s are a complex injury with a huge spectrum of symptoms and outcomes – physically, mentally, socially and cognitively.

They can quite literally turn your life upside down in a matter of minutes.

Helping yourself over Christmas

–   DECEMBER 2020   –

Helping yourself over Christmas


As Christmas draws closer, many of our patients and carers heave a sigh of relief. It’s a time to relax,  eat, drink and be merry. A period for spending time with loved ones. A time to take a break from the rigours of day to day life.

Creating a physiotherapy plan with a complex disability

–   NOVEMBER 2020   –

Creating a physiotherapy plan with a complex disability


As neurological physiotherapists and specialists in treating clients with brain or spinal cord injuries or diseases, we understand how challenging the journey to recovery or robust maintenance of your condition can be. You want to feel like your condition is under control and you’re doing everything you can to alleviate the symptoms or reach those big goals. Some days, feeling great again may seem impossible, others you may celebrate small wins or gains with those you love.